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Accessories for Apple
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Accessories for Apple
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  • Accessories for Apple
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  • HDMI Adapter for IPad
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  • LM5068MM-1 -
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  • HDMI Adapter for IPad  

    This is the first one HDMI connection on the world for the IPad&IPhone4G&IPod touch4, it's so light, you never see a connection can be light like this!!
    HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface, is an all-digital video and audio transmission interface, which can send uncompressed audio and video signals with the same cable. So when you use HDMI interface,you no need any VGA interface or other traditional interfaces.
    Simply speaking, what display on the ipad or iphone 4G,you can make it perfectly show on your  large widecreen TV, the photoes, the videos ,the games,the movies,the on-line TV-show,  imagining you can have so much fun with ipad&iphone4G, but you have so fabulous widescreen to instead of the 10.2inch ipad screen and the small iphone screen, what a fantastic!!
    Use a HDMI cable(usually included in the accessories of widescreen TV), connect the HDMI connection and widescreen TV, and then insert the HDMI connection into ipad,  you will see the screen of ipad keep black, all the showing transmit to the Windscreen.
    Now, you can listen music,you can play game,you can do everything you like...

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